F6P21 Auflade-Schaum-Fettbrandlöscher Pastor Deutschland

F6P21 Charging foam grease fire extinguisher

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F6P21 Auflade-Schaum-Fettbrandlöscher Pastor Deutschland

Main features

  • Environmental friendliness and efficiency: The fire extinguisher is REACH-compliant and offers powerful fire protection.
  • Premium design: Easy to maintain with a glass-fibre reinforced plastic fitting and push-button release.
  • Easy maintenance: Thanks to the M74 threaded opening.
  • User friendliness: Intuitive handling with simple release mechanism.
  • Longevity: UV-resistant, balanced plastic components and glass fibre reinforced carrying handle.
  • Efficient extinguishing: UV and weather-resistant hose with special swivelling and adjustable extinguishing nozzle.
  • Robustness: Steel container with UV-resistant polyester resin powder coating and corrosion-resistant inner coating.
  • Additional features: Includes wall bracket and base ring. Suitable for electrical installations up to 1000 volts (minimum distance 1 m). Frost-proof down to -30°C.

Made in the EU

The entire fire protection range is produced in the EU and is subject to all European quality standards.

Highest quality standards

All fire extinguishers in our range are approved in accordance with the European standard EN3.


We are constantly working to improve our products and go the extra mile to deliver products of the highest safety and user-friendliness.

90 years of tradition

We have been manufacturing patented fire extinguishers that save the lives and property of users for over 90 years.

Type F6P21
Item no. 1104006030101
Kind Charging foam grease fire extinguisher
Extinguishing agent quantity 6 litres
Extinguishing agent Foam
Blowing agent CO2
Max. confirmed extinguishing capacity 21A / 75F
Extinguishing capacity (LE) 21A (6)
Functional area -30°C - +60°C
Functional life 45-50 s
Throwing distance 4-6 m
Hose / nozzle Flexible, durable quality hose incl. extinguishing nozzle
Weight approx. 10.75 kg
Height approx. 559 mm
Diameter approx. 150 mm

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